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We are very proud of the work we have achieved with so many clients over the last 30 years. The most rewarding ​benefit of our job is helping people to change their lives and having fun while doing it! Find pictures of great client achievements on our Gold Medal Page!

I went from 240 to 170 following JeanClaude's meal plans and working out with his staff. Thanks JC- 
Christine C.
​Losing almost 100 lbs in 9 months following JC's meal plan and training with Sam- lots of fun and hard work! Thanks- 
​I met JeanClude back in 1992. We quickly became friend's and trained together for the next 20 years. From 2006-2008 I was a member of JC's Power Squad PowerLifting Team.  Following JC'S PROGRAM I medaled gold at 2 Sr Olympics PowerLifting meets. He coached me with superior technique. There is no better trainer for the beginner like me who became a superior athlete. 
Thanks JC..... Big Joe!-

I began training with JC and Sam about 7 months ago. I was 100 lbs overweight and stuck with working out on my own. I was referred to them by a friend who was getting the results she wanted so I decided I would try and see what they could do to help me with my weight loss goals. Not only am I down 60 lbs, I have more energy, my shape is looking great and I'm overall happier as a person. I don't just get a workout with JC and Sam. I get nutritional help, I get weekly support, and I get the attention I need during my workout. With new goals in place, I know I will achieve all my goals with my continued support from these two. They truly care about my success and they are there to show me how I can achieve it. I would recommend JC's personal fitness to anyone and everyone because it's not about just having my body in shape, but having my mind there too. I went from not caring to realizing how easy it is and hard work it can be. As JC says, "the pain will go away" and not only that...so will the fat!! I can't thank these guys enough for all they do!! 
Angela R.
​I have never really enjoyed exercising but working out with a personal trainer has made all the difference. Working out with Jean-Claude has helped to change my attitude and my life. My health has improved dramatically and I've gone from doing almost nothing to working out 6 days a week. He encourages me to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of. Being accountable to someone has made all the difference. 

I feel better already after just a few workouts! I have arthritis and a recent knee replacement and am enjoying feeling stronger. Im 76 and exercise with JC and his staff 20 years ago...should have never stopped! Thanks JC Steena M

​I conquered 225 on the bench press following JCS Mass and Strength Meal Plan and Fitness routine. I do MMA training so I am a lot stronger physically and aerobically ...THANKS JEANCLAUDE! 
Josh M
​I have been working with JC 2-4 times a week for 9 months. He is extremely knowledgeable as a trainer and with his nutrition plans. He does a good job of understanding his client's goals and tailors programs specifically for them. His clients are very diverse in terms of fitness goals from novice to elite athlete. 
Jim P.

​I have been working out with Jean-Claude for 3 1/2 years. I came to him with knee and shoulder problems. He has been able to strengthen the muscles around them without injuring me. The pain is gone and I feel better and stronger than I did 12 years ago. 
I can get a good work-out in 30 minutes and I don't have to think about anything, he just tells me what to do. I continue to recommend him to others. 
Martha A

​I lost 85 lbs in 12 months workoing out with JC's staff- Good enviorment, good instructors! 
Michelle D

​​I have been a client of the Jean-Claude's Personal Fitness & Weight Management Center for over 15 years. The Fitness Center has a very pleasant, open atmosphere and Jean-Claude is very receptive to new, returning and current clients. If one does not want to work out with the "crowd," this is the place for you. One-on-one weight training is the technique at the Fitness Center with training that covers the whole body and helps one to build muscle strength while losing body fat. Visit the Fitness Center soon to see first-hand all it has to offer to you. The Fitness Center has definitely been my regular routine for weeks and years. 
Leslie M.

​I am a 74 year old female who has worked out with Mr. Morris for 18 years. When I look at other women my age and younger I realize what a good job he does. You receive personal attention and are challenged to be better each week. My personal regimen is 30 minutes 3 times a week plus cardio. I am strong, healthy and feel good about the way I look. J C also creates a comfortable atmosphere at the gym. For me it is fun as well as very professional. 
Jan E.

​​Professional and knowledgeable training facility and instructors of long experience with great attitudes! 
Dr. Skip W.

I was lucky enough to find Jean-Claude while I was recuperating from heart failure. I was very hesitant to do any weight training, as my heart failure is very severe. I trusted Jean-Claude, and am so glad I did. He understood my limitations and worked within them, slowly rebuilding my strength. He was diligent about keeping me within my limits. He watched my level of effort to make sure I didn’t push too hard, and monitored my heart rate with each rep. It wasn’t long before we moved past the limitations my cardiologist gave me. I am grateful for all the time I get to train with Jean-Claude, and highly recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their health. 
Todd S.
​What can I say JC Just Gets it!! I have been to several other Personal Trainers and they have been horrible (I have had a lower lumbar fusion surgery - which limits me to certain exercises) JC knows what to tell me to do and what ​NOT to tell me to do!! 
Bud G.

​​At a particularly low point in my self esteem, I stopped in for a consult. Jean-Claude impressed me with his honest evaluations. He counseled me on short range goals, long range goals and nutrition. He then supported me to reach those goals. JC's changed my body and changed my life for the better on both points! 
Bambi S.

​​First of all, feeling comfortable is top priority. Jean-Claude made me feel comfortable from the moment we talked on the phone. His training style is superb - he has a great sense of humor and personality so you even forget that working hard! He also takes personal accountability for your results because he truly cares about you meeting your goals. I had great results when I trained with Jean-Claude - I listened to him and followed his directions and got the results  wanted! It wasn't easy but Jean- Claude made the workouts fun! Thank you Jean-Claude! 
Beverly D.
I met JeanClaude ​in 2002 after a friend told me about him and how he workd with MS patients. He put together a plan to strengthen my muscles and a proper diet to help me get stronger. I was very happy with the results I saw after just several weeks! Thanks JC
CIndy B
After suffering a severe brain injury from snow boarding I was left unable to walk and my muscles were completely atrophied. My Mom had worked out with JC for several years and witnessed his ability to help the handicapped. Within a year not only was I walking again but leg pressed 500 lbs! Now that's progress and know how!
Dan and Kathy F.
Jean-Claude helped me to prepare for the EAS Body For Life Challenge. He is not only my friend but the best trainer I've ever known. I met Jean-Claude when he was 23 and was amazed at his vast knowledge of nutrition and advanced workouts.
Dr. Terry R.
Author "Chiropractic First"
After just a few workouts my arthritic joints feel better already. Im 77 and have know JC since hist first location "JC1" in 1994. He has helped my daughter with her physical handicapps emensely and trained many of my friends over the years too.  
Steena M