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Jean-Claude and his team provide first class programs to meet all of your fitness and nutritional needs. Jean-Claude will personally meet with all clients initially to perform a thorough "Fitness Evaluation" consisting of: meal planning, goal setting, body-fat assessment, bio-mechanical joint testing, range of motion, flexibility and a cardiovascular assessment. Based on this information, Jean-Claude designs a program to meet your individual needs. Monthly evaluations ensure your    progress and new goals are set every 4 - 5 weeks. Safety and "Goal Achieved Training" is our priority.
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​Trainer Sam has been a solid fixture of J-C's staff for several years. He has a degree in Kineseology and Exercise Science. Sam has mentored under J-C learning all facets of the Fitness Field. Sam's expertise as a trainer lies in Cross-Fit Training, Core, Interval Training, Endurance Training, Suspension Band Training and the more basics such as toning and weight reduction. His immense background in anatomy is beneficial in keeping clients safe and focusing on proper form. He is a valued member of J-C's staff and has excelled in training his male and female clients from Power-Lifting to extreme weight loss and triathletes.
Trainer Christian is a up and coming Professional Trainer who is fascinated by Bodybuilding and Strength Training in general. His ability to train clients of all levels speaks of his overall professionalism and knowledge. Christian has actually been a client of J-C's along with his older brother, mom and dad for many years. Christian has always showed an immense interest in fitness from an early age and over the last few years has seen his desire to be a great trainer come to fruition.
JeanClaude been a leader in the realm of Health and Fitness for 30+ years and has created programs for clientele of all caliber world-wide, offering superior training and nutrition programs. Jean-Claude has also mentored fitness and health professionals of all levels and has considerable group and corporate speaking experience. Jean-Claude maintains a Master Trainer - Biomechanics' Certification
 Lynn is our resident guru pertaining to Whole Food, Low Carb and Gluten Free baking / cooking and IT. Lynn previously owned a baking company called "Just Baked!" She has mentored under J-C increasing her knowledge on executing proper form and training novice clientele.

These Fitness and Health professionals have all been educated under the guide-lines set forth from ATBMP - ADVANCED TRAINING AND BIO-MECHANICAL PHILOSOPHY.
A leader in Fitness and Health Education. 

Blake is a former Major League baseball player with the Seattle Mariners and graduated from Grand Canyon University as the "All Time Hit Leader" and Academic All American. He is also a former client working with Trainer Sean back in 1998 and 1999 to increase strength and speed preparing for MLB. Blake has worked for JC for a number of years as a Professional Trainer excelling in Sport Specific Training with emphasis in Baseball and Golf Conditioning: Form, Strength, Core and Flexibility.   
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